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How Does Good UI Design Transform Your Website?

Have you ever left a site because you simply couldn’t figure out how find what you’re looking for? Tried to place an order online but you keep getting redirected back to the login screen? Felt overwhelmed by the number of options in a website’s menu? We’ve all been there.

When creating, or redesigning, a website it is essential that the team you’re working with understands good user interface (UI) design. What is UI design? Essentially, good UI design creates a fluid, enjoyable experience while bad UI design creates frustration.

How Can Good UI Design Help Increase Leads?

Simply put, good UI design helps users find what they are looking for smoothly and easily. “Good user interface design improves overall user experience. It makes the user’s interaction with an app or site simple, intuitive, efficient and fluid, so much so that you when it works well, the user might not even notice it’s there.” How can this affect your lead generation strategy, you wonder? The easier it is for your site’s users to find what they are looking for the higher the likelihood they’ll convert into a lead. This might mean more contact forms, more calls, and/or more customers walking through your door.

Painful UI Fails and How to Recover

When a website is frustrating to navigate, chances are your site’s visitors will leave (and potentially not come back). This means that you could be missing out on important leads and recommendations from happy customers.

Bad UI design can be obvious, of course, but there are some instances where the poor UI design is subtle enough to go unnoticed… until it matters. For example, say a business has a fresh new website and they are ready to take it live. The new website is full of vibrant colors, modern fonts, and interactive elements. Their website design team and a few project coordinators have checked the site out and everything looks great – they launch. A few weeks after go-live they receive negative feedback from people who have visited their website: the fonts and call-to-action text are hardly readable due to the thin font and color pairings. Lesson learned: when performing a site review it is imperative to have a diverse testing pool that does not only include those involved with the project.

Long story short… how can you be sure that your site is designed in a way that keeps the user’s experience in mind? Testing, checking, and testing some more.

Create an Amazing Website with Good UI Design in Mind

Understanding UI is essential when creating a new website for your business. Between increased lead generation and repeat visitors (read: brand loyalty), a website with good UI has an impact on your organization’s success. Are you looking to create, or redesign, a website for your business? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Eyler Creative to talk about how your goals today.

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