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Web Design: The Next Few Years, Artificial Intelligence, and More

If you don’t have a smart device in your possession yet, then it’s possible you’re not fully aware of the enormous role that artificial intelligence plays in most people’s lives. Even if you do have a smart home device, smart phone, or smart speaker, you still may not realize the role AI plays in web design now, and how that will change (grow) going forward.

How AI Factors into Web Design

“Marketers have been using AI technology to reshape the way that consumers are targeted.” If you’ve interacted with a chat window, for example, then there’s a definitive chance you ‘spoke’ with a bot. Beyond simple interactions, AI is helping marketers to gather more data than ever on consumers, their habits, their wants, needs, problems…and more.

Beyond that, artificial intelligence is influencing the way we design and develop websites. Whether you use it or avoid it, there’s no question that the concept is growing, and you may encounter it sooner rather than later.

This is where ADI – or, artificial design intelligence – comes into play. “ADI can use machine learning to recognize and implement trends in web design.” Put simply, AI would pick up on trends it notices online, and then use that knowledge to build websites. Removed from this equation are the people who do the work behind the scenes to research, plan, build, and communicate. Instead, the artificial intelligence fills those shoes.

The idea seems sound enough, and appealing to those who both lack confidence in their own design ability and are wary of design teams and agencies. However, as will all things, there are drawbacks to be considered before making this investment.

With a concept still firmly in its infancy, this technology – and strategy, if you can call it that – are a bit of a gamble. Opting for ADIs may mean less on your plate to start, but you’re obviously then ‘working with’ a machine. You can provide input to a degree, but there’s an inherent lack of communication when you remove humans from the equation. As a result, it may be just as difficult to bring your concepts to life as it would be if you tried it yourself.

How does ADI stack up against a (human) marketing team? It depends how hands-off you want to be, and whether you’re willing to take a chance. Artificial intelligence can use machine learning to build a website, but the technology far from perfect, especially at this stage. It may be that your ‘custom’ website ends up looking like others as more and more people opt for AI designers (which have all chosen the ‘trendiest’ designs). In an effort to get a nice website up and running quickly, you may lose the unique touches that are developed in conversations with people who want to learn about your business in detail.

“Even platforms like Wix that are using AI in some form or another are still limited. Human inputs such as answering questions and things of that nature are required for it to work.” It’s hard to say where things will be one year, five years, or ten years from now, but it doesn’t seem likely that most people will opt to be totally removed from the web design process. Just as with creating your company, creating your website should be a highly personal process unique to you…and should involve a partner who can take all that into account when producing a high-quality design.

If you’re looking for that ideal partner who can help to design a fully-custom and beautiful website for your business, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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