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Why Your Website Isn’t Showing up on Google

A website’s rank makes all the difference in spreading the word about a company. A low ranking will minimize your exposure and harm your business’s overall success. Therefore, if you’re noticing your site isn’t showing up, you may feel your marketing efforts failed, especially if you invested a large sum of money and/or time. However, here is some insight from a web designer into the problem to help you correct it.

Google Hasn’t Indexed the Site Yet

When you first create a website, no matter how much SEO you incorporate, Google still takes a week or so to update search results.

The Website Hasn’t Been Live Long Enough

For a new website to appear in the search results, it can take about a month at the minimum. The internet may run fast, but getting a site to appear on the ranking can take some time. Be patient, and you may rank higher than you anticipated.

The Website Has “No Index” Tags On

A website’s coding may include a “no index” tag, which indicates to the search engine your site or specific pages shouldn’t appear. You or the website designer may have included this code by accident or turned it on for the site. You will need to remove this from the code or turn the “No Index” button off.

The Website Isn’t Search Engine Optimized

When the algorithms scan your content, they look for keyword density and usage, quality content, and meta content. If your site doesn’t currently utilize these correctly, you may not rank well or at all.

The Market You’re in Is Competitive

If you have a great deal of competition in your local market or in general, they may be outranking you. And with enough competition, it could place you low on the ranks and virtually invisible.

You’re Not Trying to Rank for the Right Keywords

The keywords you use matter immensely to your online strategy. If you aren’t using the right ones, you may rank poorly or not at all.

Reach Out to a Web Designer

If you are struggling to get your website to show up on search engine results pages, contact Eyler Creative, a web designer, for more help. Our professionals at Eyler Creative are happy to help you with your search results rankings. Contact us today.

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