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Why We Love Yoast and Elementor – Together!

We’ve used the Yoast SEO plugin for a long time to guide our page and post optimization. In the past few years, we’ve also come to use the Elementor page builder almost exclusively for our website creation. The reason we use both of these web tools is because…well, they’re both the best of the best! Fortunately, they now have a better integration than ever, meaning we can help you to build a beautiful, modern website that will get found easily in search results.

What is Yoast?

“Both Yoast SEO and Elementor power a vast amount of WordPress sites.” If you’re still wondering what Yoast and Elementor are, and why we utilize them in our digital marketing and website design efforts, then wonder no more. Yoast’s powerful SEO plugin allows users to easily optimize their website pages and posts with fine-tuned guidance and suggestions for edits. Their wording allows even inexperienced optimizers to make tweaks to content and meta to allow for better ranking. Because they provide that advise in layman’s terms, it’s simple to generate pages and posts that score with Google.

What is the score about? The better the score (a “green light,” ideally), the more highly your content will rank in Google and other search results. That way, your target audience will see you and visit your site more often, as you’re able to generate more organic traffic than ever. Yoast’s mission is “to make higher rankings possible for everyone,” and we certainly believe that their plugin makes this possible.

What is Elementor?

How does Elementor come into play? This fairly-new page builder allows intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that is so popular with sites like Wix and Squarespace. However, having this ability on the WordPress platform provides a user-friendly experience without sacrificing the customization powerhouse that is WordPress. It makes it easier than ever for those less-familiar with website building to put together a well-design and fully-functional end result. It also helps us to pass a finished product on to our clients, because we know they’ll be able to pick up updates and maintenance, should they want to, with ease!

We’d previously been using these two web tools separately, as their integration wasn’t especially good, but that’s all changed. Now, within the page builder itself, you can see your score and make changes. Where you used to have to look “on the back end” for the Yoast information and jump between that and the page builder, it’s now done all on one screen. Most importantly, the two now play more nicely from a technical perspective, no longer generating the frustrations that we used to face when using both tools in the past.

What Does this Mean for You?

Our clients are always at the forefront of our planning, so we’re thrilled to see this union between Yoast and Elementor. We always opt for the best and most effective tools to build client websites and undertake their digital marketing, but we also like to employ technology that is accessible to those same clients after the fact. If you can’t easily pick up the web builder or optimization tools for your own purposes once we hand the site over to you, then things are far from ideal.

Hopefully, the future will only get brighter from here, and the two web tools will work together going forward to produce the smoothest possible experience for you, and for us! We’ve been waiting for this integration for a while, and are glad to see that we weren’t the only ones hoping that it would happen.

If you need help getting started with SEO optimization, website building, or digital marketing in Maryland, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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